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Training Program

The school emphasis is the Togakure Ryu Ninpo (ancient Ninja school) with special attention on the foundation of the Bujinkan system:

  • Taihen Ukemi Gata
  • Goshin no Kata
  • Kihon Happou Gata
  • Kyu Kamae

The PBB Members will be able to recognize and understand the differences between the 6 traditional schools trained under the Bujinkan Association; each student will have the opportunity to experiment the Shoden level (basic area) in those schools, acquiring certain level of proficiency as part of the program to get a black belt first degree.

Traditional weapons such as Swords, long and short wood sticks, knives, ninja stars, etc., are part of the PBB members curriculum. Additionally we provide Olympic Gymnastics instruction for those interested into complement their ninja skills.


The session is 2 hours long which include warm-up (physical condition, strength, etc.) and martial arts techniques. If you have training weapons such as hanbo or bokken, please bring them (No real weapons). Tests for a new rank are based on the PBB's curriculum.

The classes are conducted in English however students can receive explanations in Spanish if is needed.

Our Martial Art Ranks

In accordance with the Bujinkan Association, a student can apply for a new rank every 3 months a long with the instructor approval, PBB will recommend one or more students for a new rank after tests results are satisfactory.

If you hold a Bujinkan rank please bring it during the first session for verification. For more information please take a look on the Rules of the Bujinkan Dojo.

Readings suggested by Rank

Name: Shinobi Notebook #1
Rank: 9th Kyu
Type: PDF Document

Name: Shinobi Notebook #2
Rank: 8th Kyu
Type: PDF Document

Name: The "New Jersey Self Defense Law"
Rank: 7th Kyu
Type: PDF Document

Name: Shinobi Notebook #3
Rank: 6th Kyu
Type: PDF Document

Name: The Book of the Five Rings
Rank: 5th Kyu
Type: PDF Document

All documents have been created with PDF format. Click the Adobe icon to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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