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Bujinkan theme 2017: Mutō Dori, Kannin Dokuson

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Passaic Bujinkan Buyu (PBB) is the Ninja Division at the Academy of Martial Arts - Clifton Budokan, under the Bujinkan Association of Japan; Our goal is to preserve the traditional martial arts taught by Masaaki Hatsumi Soke, in a non-competitive atmosphere. PBB's training program is in accordance with the Bujinkan's yearly theme with a great enphasis in the Ninja school system.

Who is the Bujinkan Association?

Bujinkan (The Hall of the Divine Warrior) is an international martial arts organization based in Noda, Japan and headed by Masaaki Hatsumi (Soke), who inherited 9 martial arts traditions (Koryū) which include 3 Ninjutsu Schools, transferred to him in the middle of the 20th Century by his teacher Takamatsu Toshitsugu.

The Bujinkan system is generally called Budo Taijutsu because it is focus on the combat area from 6 of the 9 lineages (Ryūha).


Bujinkan Ryūha

Togakure Ryū Ninjutsu - "Concealing Door School"

The second oldest of the nine traditions, this ryū forms much of the basis for the Ninjutsu techniques taught in the Bujinkan. This system is famous for its use of weapons such as shuko and shuriken. It was founded by Daisuke Togakure in the late 1100s and is part of the oral traditions from the famous Iga region that ends in the village of Togakure today's known as Togakushi (Nagano prefecture).

Gyokushin Ryū Ninjutsu - "Jeweled Heart School"

The second Ninjutsu ryū in the Bujinkan system was founded by Sasaki Goemon Teruyoshi in the mid 1500s. Not much is known of this ryū except that it is an Iga ninja school and concentrated more on the espionage side of ninjutsu, rather than the fighting side. It is also known for its use of sutemi (sacrifice) throws.

Kumogakure Ryū Ninjutsu - "Hidden School"

The third of the Ninjutsu ryū, it uses similar taijutsu as Togakure ryū, and is also known for double blocks and strikes; This ryū originated with Einaizaemon Ienaga Iga in the mid 1500s.

Takagi Yoshin Ryū Jutaijutsu - "High Tree, Raised Heart School"

This system specializes in grappling and throwing techniques similar to aikido and judo. However, unlike judo and aikido, this style makes it difficult for the opponent to use ukemi to fall or roll safely. This ryū is known as the “bodyguard school”, and was founded by Takagi Oriuemon Shigenobu around 1650.

Kukishinden Ryū Daken Taijutsu - "Nine Demons School"

This ryū is a battlefield style whose specialty is the use of many different weapons including spears, swords, hanbos, etc. Many of the weapon techniques (hanbo, bo, yari, naginata, etc.) in Bujinkan come from this school. Kukishinden ryū was founded by Izuma Kanja Yoshiteru in the mid 1100s.

Shinden Fudo Ryū Daken Taijutsu - "Immovable Heart School"

This system specializes in Dakentaijutsu (striking techniques), and jutaijutsu (hard grappling techniques). This was the first ryū that Takamatsu learned form his grandfather. This ryū was also founded by Izuma Kanja Yoshiteru in the mid 1100 who also learned Chinese kenpo.

Gyokko Ryū Koshijutsu - "Jeweled Tiger School"

The oldest of the nine traditions, this style is heavily influenced by Chinese kenpo and is known for its koshijutsu attacks to muscles and soft organs, also using fingers and thumbs for ripping and tearing. Gyokko Ryū was originally founded by Cho Gyokko who was said to have fled China during the Tang Dynasty around 900 AD. This ryū forms much of the basis for the Bujinkan system including the kihon happo.

Koto Ryū Koppojutsu - "Tiger Knocking Down School"

This style specializes in koppojutsu or bone-breaking techniques and is very linear in motion. Koto Ryū was originally organized into a ryū by Sakagami Kunishige in the mid 1500s. The name of the school means to knock the tiger down with the tips of the fingers and historically, training started with striking sand and gravel, then larger stones for conditioning.

Gikan Ryū Koppojutsu - "Truth, Loyalty and Justice School"

This ryū was originally founded by Uryu Hangan Gikanbo in the mid 1500s and specializes in koppojutsu or bone-breaking techniques. This style is known for its low stances, with much of the footwork within the Bujinkan system coming from this ryū.

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